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Student Life and Events

Through a variety of extracurricular activities as well as in-school activities, students have an opportunity to explore their interests, learn outside the classroom setting, and grow in their relationship with Christ. 

Spiritual Life

  • In addition to learning about the Bible in the classroom, students attend a chapel service every week. Our chapel services focus on developing their walk with Christ through interactive and collective worship and Bible-based teaching. Also, each week has opportunities for students to be involved in the service. This can include class songs, poems, and musical performances. Our older students have the opportunity to preach the Word and lead worship, as well. 

  • We teach students the importance of serving in their local church. Our students lead a Sunday service at Bethany Baptist Church twice a year. The BCA Choir prepares several songs, students share Scripture through poems, and older students preach to the congregation and share what they’ve learned in Bible class. 

  • Additionally, to help prepare students for service in the church, they attend a weekly choir rehearsal during school hours. We believe it is important for children to learn to worship in a group setting from an early age.


  • Join us for afterschool art fun! Students will learn the basic principles of art and our artists will work with each student to help them develop their creativity and artistic skill. 

  • Classes are held each Tuesday from 4-5pm. Ask for registration forms at the manager’s office. 

  • We know kids enjoy learning in an environment outside the classroom. We do our best to have a variety of field trips during the year. These can include museums, farms, and exhibits.



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